E-Journal USA: Volunteers: Answering the Call

Volunteerism us woven into the fabric of American society. For generations, Americans have committed themselves to helping those in need at home and abroad.. Whether it’s business, individuals or school groups, volunteers can make a difference. The September version of E-Journal USA is therefore dedicated to the topic of volunteerism. If you’re looking for a way to get involved, think about your skills. If you’re good at construction, seek out a neighbor who needs home repairs. If you like crunching numbers, check with local organizations to see whether they could use help budgeting. Enjoy writing? Nonprofit groups often recruit volunteers to draft fundraising letters.

In these pages, you’re bound to find inspiration as you look for the perfect opportunity. You also get to improve your english and learn about american culture!

Download this publication as a .pdf (10MB)


Table of Contents

Editor’s Note
American Values – Staff editor MacKenzie Babb is proud to be a volunteer.

Short Takes
Snapshots of America – Notes on American culture

Old Souls – The world’s longest-lived mammals?
Are Miracles in 3-D Around the Corner? – Realize your dreams

Feature: Volunteers: Answering the Call

Peace Corps: A Bold Experiment – Building communities, transforming lives 
On the Ground – Volunteers … in their own words
Transforming Bangladesh – Helping the neediest kids

Lyrical America – Where singers sing about

Scribes of the South – On struggles and diversity

Sports Talk – A good way to learn American English

Word for Word – What words get looked up and why

Last Word
A Diplomatic Dynamo – An ambassador remembers


Download this publication as a .pdf (10MB)

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