New Electronic Journal USA: Destination America

Welcome to EJ|USA: Destination America, the inaugural issue of IIP’s reinvented monthly flagship publication.

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Contents of this issue:

Editor’s Note
See What’s New!
Managing Editor Elizabeth Kelleher introduces the new EJ|USA.

All About English
All About English: Words of Note from This Issue
©Merriam-Webster Learner’s English Dictionary

Short Takes
Snapshots of America
Illustrations: Lauren Russell
Fourth (of July) and Main Streets
 – Mark Trainer
A New American’s First Fourth
 – Mark Trainer

FEATURE: Destination America
U.S. Adventure Sports: Take the Leap
 – Tim Neville
Bend, Oregon – 
Tim Neville
Austin: Where the Music Knows No Limits
 – Michael Gallant and Jane L. Levere
Traveling to America: Do’s & Don’ts
: Suggestions on traveling in the USA
Brooklyn Abridged: Eat. Play. Shop – .
Jane L. Levere
Route 66: The Mother Road
: America’s Neon Legacy

Ramadan at Princeton
 – Sohaib Sultan
A Souped-Up Van Feeds the Hungry
 – MacKenzie Babb

Sowing Peace
 – MacKenzie Babb

Young Americans Abroad
: Americans Without Borders
What Is a MOOC?
 Revolution or Fad?

DNA, Like You’ve Never Heard It
 – Michael Gallant and Susan Milligan

Robots Get Real
 – Lauren Monsen

Getting in the Game
 – Andrzej Zwaniecki

Why We Walked Out – 
Terry Kramer
Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots: Places mentioned in this issue


Download this issue (11.1 MB | .pdf)

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