Puzzling America Festival: February 28-March 2, 2013

At the end of February, 30CC the cultural center of Leuven, organizes a smashing festival about American music: Puzzling America. This festival immerses the audience in various aspects of American music in the form of concerts, creations, lecture-performances, interviews, film presentation, lecture series, exhibitions and an American Bar. A swirling-typical American dialogue between concert music, musical theater, mainstream, folk song, jazz, and some “American inspired” creations by Jeroen D’ hoe, a Flemish pianist and composer, will arise and create a big American puzzle .

On day one, Thursday the 28th of February, there will be an introduction and debate about the American Composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim and his innovative musical Company, a mosaic story about modern life in New York. Afterwards you have the opportunity to watch the recent concert film Company, based on Sondheim’s musical. This is the first piece of the puzzle, which commemorates the traditional musical codes.

The second day (Friday the 1st of March), Annelies Van Gramberen (soprano) and Jeroen D’hoe (piano) will create a chain of songs that makes a fascinating musical journey through classic songs, folk songs, groundbreaking musical songs and new songs from D’hoe (on texts of the American poet Emily Dickinson). Afterwards you can enjoy jazzy songs in the American bar.

On Saturday, the festival will be closed by the dynamic sound of the orchestra Collegium Frascati  conducted by Kris Stroobants in the unique 20th-century ‘classical Americana’ tradition.
Stimulating interviews by Jos Stroobants and New Orleans jazz and club concerts complete the “puzzle”!

Home base for this festival is the marvelous OPEK in Leuven, a protected monument and a fine example of modernistic architecture with references to the characteristics of the interbellum period.

More information on the program and about ticketing is available on the website of 30CC: http://www.30cc.be/programma/festivals/puzzling-america-2012-2013/index.jsp

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