Remembering Herbert Hoover and the Commission for Relief in Belgium (March 16, 2013 – May 21, 2013)

From March 16, 2013 until May 21, 2013, the In Flanders Fields Museum in Ypres, will host a temporary exhibition on Herbert Hoover and the Commission for Relief in Belgium. The exhibition, on loan from the U.S. Embassy to Belgium, details the role the future president Hertbert Hoover played in the provisioning of the population in occupied Belgium during World War I. This exhibition is completed with objects and documents from the collections of In Flanders Fields Museum, Philippe Oosterlinck and others.

Watch a video about the exhibit:



When World War I began in August 1914, Hoover helped organize the return of around 120,000 Americans from Europe. When Belgium faced a food crisis after being invaded by Germany, Hoover undertook an unprecedented relief effort with the Commission for Relief in Belgium (CRB), an independent republic of relief, with its own flag, navy, factories, mills and railroads. Its $12-million-a-month budget was supplied by voluntary donations and government grants.. As chairman of the CRB, Hoover worked with the leader of the Belgian Comite National de Secours et Alimentation (CN), Emile Francqui, to feed the entire nation for the duration of the war.



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