Celebrating Black History Month

On February 26, 2014, Black History Month was celebrated with a lively panel discussion at the Ambassador’s residence. The purpose of Black History Month is to celebrate the heritage and culture of African Americans and their contributions to U.S. society.  This year’s event is special as it marks the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the struggles in the movement for equality that have fundamentally reshaped the U.S. as a nation.  The event at the Embassy started with introductory speeches from USEU Chargé d’Affaires Robert Wood and U.S. Embassy Chargé d’Affaires Mark Storella, and was followed by a panel-discussion with two eminent academics – Professor David Goldfield and Professor Maboula Soumahoro – with Dr. Michael Privot acting as moderator, highlighting the significance of Black History Month in the U.S. and the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act.  The Office of Public Diplomacy of the U.S. Embassy to Belgium worked together with the U.S. Mission to the European Union to set up this Black History Month event, which gathered an audience of about 100 Belgian and EU contacts and friends including officials, NGO representatives, exchange alumni, and many contacts working on minority empowerment. The panel lasted about one hour and half and ended with a remarkable Q and A session. Moreover, the event was also a great opportunity for everyone to “mix and mingle” while enjoying informal drinks and appetizers.

More photos can be found on our Flickr stream.

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